him say
fo ryan harris

avery r. young as dr. huxtable

1st draft   poem reviewed inside my 2nd year of Cave Canem  critque: Aisha Sharif

a Nina fo Ms. Christiel #EPICacademy

dat new blk young, Bach, Bitney, Wilkes
drum programming & percussion: Dan Bitney
bass: Lux
guitar: Leroy bach
trumpet: Corey Wilkes
blkground vocal(s): jus(t) me & tina
additional voice(is): a.b. blk & associate(s)

blue(s) fo roger (young)
all instrumentation & vocal(s) on blue(s) fo roger: me (avery r. young a.k.a. sirblkalot)

cool: (young, Hawkins, Bach) M. Lux – bass; M. Evan – drums; C. Wilkes; S. Wallace – organ; L. Bach guitar & piano

a row of cullud sign(s)